Games Engineering Bachelor Program

Talk auf Quo Vadis Game Developers’ Conference

19 Apr 2016

‘The Quest for the Holodeck’ takes us on a tour which highlights the genesis and potential future of Virtual Reality (VR), the number one topic of computer entertainment and serious applications currently gaining a large momentum. We will have a look at the close interaction between literature, film, and the sciences which shaped our current idea and understanding of VR, and the ups and downs this field underwent from its birth to the so-called VR winter to todays high promises, hopes, and publicity. Past, current, and future conceptual and technological challenges will be introduced along the way and we will see the close relation VR had and has to computer gaming. We will also look at some of the major potential, obstacles, and risks on our route to the so-called holodeck, a well-known science fiction incarnation of Ivan Sutherland’s ‘ultimate display’ (1965), a fictitious room where the computer can control the existence of matter to literally open up the wonderland into which Alice walked.

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