Games Engineering Bachelor Program

GamesEngineering visits BlueByte Ubisoft

12 Jun 2018

Picture by Sabrina Auer, Ubisoft/Bluebyte

The Games Engineering students of the 4th semester joined Prof. von Mammen and team for an excursion to Ubisoft/Bluebyte Düsseldorf. We were warmly welcomed and had plenty of time to discuss with several in-house coding experts: On the picture in the in the back row, there are Daniel Roth (PhD student), Reiner Reber, Cyril Voiron, [two Games Engineering students], Prof. von Mammen, Bastian Born and Daniel Balster [and more GE students]. We covered various topics before touring through the different departments of Bluebyte’s studio, including the current state and future development of Virtual Reality, project management, programming demand, Ubisoft/Bluebyte’s international connectivity, game delivery, networking, and many more.

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