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Human-Computer & Games EXPO
Julius-Maximilians-University, Würzburg, Germany

Friday, 13 July 2018

You are invited to learn about and experience project works by our students enrolled in:

We look forward to welcoming you in person!

Sebastian von Mammen, Carolin Wienrich, Marc Erich Latoschik, Jörn Hurtienne


Time Event Venue
9am Opening & start of exhibition Z8 1. Stock
10am to 4pm Student Presentations
- Overview of Mensch-Computer Systeme (MCS) Presentations
- Overview of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Presentations
- Overview of Games Engineering (GE) Presentations
Z8 1. Stock
4pm to 5pm Networking Z8 1. Stock
From 5:30pm Keynote: “HMI Herausforderungen bei (teil)automatisiertem Fahren” - Dr. Andreas Keinath, Leiter Usability BMW Group B1 Hörsaal A101
From 6:15pm Company Presentations B1 Hörsaal A101
From 7pm  Company Exhibition & Open-End Networking M2 Foyer

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Am Hubland Süd
97074 Würzburg

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“HMI Herausforderungen bei (teil)automatisiertem Fahren”

Dr. Andreas Keinath, Leiter Usability BMW Group

Mensch-Computer Systeme

MCS Projects 1

Student Title Room
Roman Eyck Entwicklung Ton-basierter Vibrationsmuster zur Führung von Handgesten am Beispiel des Thereminspiels E32 - 2
Johanna Gramlich The impact of team affinity on social cognition E22 - 1
Ludwig Hubert Collaborative Tagging in Small Groups E32 - 3
Florian Oefner Prototyping of Conversational User Interfaces: Applying the Wizard-of-Oz Method to Alexa Skills E19 - 3
Eva Richter Untersuchung von Commission Errors bei prospektiven Gedächtnisaufgaben mithilfe von Interviews E19 - 4
Rene Stingl GAMBIT - Gamified Application based on a Mixed-reality Boardgame as Interactive Tutorial E19 - 5
Sarah Tinnes Does contextual inquiry lead to a valid purchase decision? Method testing by selecting a specific prototyping tool E19 - 6

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MCS Projects 2

Student Title Room
Thomas Babinsky Evaluation eines Bürostuhls zur Sitzzeitunterbrechung E19 - 7
Felix Brischwein A comparison between analogue and mixed reality E19 - 8
Simon Koch Virtueller Arbeitsplatz E32 - 1
Maximilian Ertl Augmentierung von Tabletopspielen durch AR E35 
Sebastian Stierstorfer Einflüsse von Medienformen auf die Effektivität von Evaluationswerkzeugen E36 - Alpha - 1
Thomas Makowski Untersuchung von perspektivischen “Fehlern” in Gemälden E36 - Gamma - 3
Maria Ternes Die Wechselwirkung von Telepresence und Virtual Body Ownership in Virtual Reality: Implementierung und experimentelle Durchführung E38 - 4
Lisa Dietz Text vs. Sprachnachricht In front of E22 - 1
Lena Lang Game Changer In front of E22 - 2
Anna-Lisa Mann Implizite Wirkung von Farbe und Helligkeit im User Experience Design In front of E22 - 3
Maximilian Rück Uncanny Valley Effekt bei zoomorphen Robotern In front of E35 - 1
Tim Zeidler UI-Development for Deep-Brain-Stimulation In front of E35 - 2
Daniel Scherer The impact of team affinity on social cognition: an technical implementation in virtual reality E22 - 2
Nicolas Maltry Untersuchung von Augmented Reality-Systemen im Kontext der Wartung von Industrieanlagen In front of E35 - 3
Michael Walter Translation of the Questionnaire for Intuitive Use (QUESI) into russian language In front of E35 - 4

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Methoden Benutzerzentrierter Gestaltung

Team Title Room
Gruppe 1 Würzstop In front of the Library - 2 
Gruppe 2 Smaps - Der schlaue Weg ans Ziel zu kommen 1.013 (1st Floor)
Gruppe 3 Fahrradfahrer in Würzburg - Feedback System E38 - 3
Gruppe 4 EyeShop - System zur Unterstützung von Blinden und Sehbehinderten beim Einkaufen In front of the Libraray - 3 
Gruppe 5 Nachhaltiges und ökologisches Einkaufen E38 - 1
Gruppe 6 Mediennutzung in Kirchengemeinden E38 - 2
Gruppe 7 Eltern auf dem Spielplatz In front of the Libraray - 1 
Gruppe 8 E-Zettel - App rund um den Einkauf mit Kindern 1.013 (1st Floor)

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Human-Computer Interaction

HCI Projects

Student Title Room
Michael Haas Automatisierte Verschlagwortung von Bildern E19 - 1
Steffen Haesler Workload in VR: Entropie als implizites Maß E20 - 2
Christoph Klöffel Einführung und Evaluation einer Tablet-basierten Applikation zur Unterstützung realer Reanimationseinsätze im Krankenhaus E19 - 2
Maximilian Landeck Creation of Breaking Bad Behaviour’s Version 7 E36 - Delta - 4
David Mal Augmenting non-verbal communication in immersive environments. The architecture for a multiuser approach. E36 - Beta - 2
Christian Felix Purps InjectX - Using ML to trigger augmented social behavior in VR E36 - Beta - 2
Christian Schell Multitemporal Crop Identification with Deep Learning E20 - 1

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Games Engineering

GameLab 1 - Games

Title Students Description Room
5Days Clemens Hanebuth,
Julian Keil,
Manuel Schildknecht
5Days is a atmospheric VR adventure puzzle game where the player needs to find out about death itself. Highscore Lab (1.010)
Boss`n Run Simon Keller,
Florian Gresser,
Tobias Brandner
Boss n Run is a platformer with action-loaded boss fights and RPG elements. E37
Forbidden: 403 Daniel Lermann, Oliver Hartmann Our Game is a cooperative splitscreen RPG, in which both Players have to work together to defeat a series of bosses. E37
Jomala Lars Hendrik Schikorr,
Marc Mußmann
Our game Jomala is a VR Dungeon Crawler, where the player has to fight enemies with magic and solve puzzles to escape the dungeon. Highscore Lab (1.010)
Project Synergy Cameron Reuschel,
Niels Günther,
Sarah Hofmann
Our game is a 2.5D puzzle game with combat elements, which features both 2d and 3d gameplay and combines classical fantasy with a modern scifi setting. E37
Projekttitel: Paint! Alexander Roos,
Theresa Weiglein
Paint! is a first-person parcour platforming game using paints to enhance the players movement options. E37
Runecraft Hannes Aulbach,
Yannik Hart,
Patricia Pongratz
Our project is a VR game which is about taking on the role of a wizard, drawing eines, casting spells and defeating your enemies. Highscore Lab (1.010)
The Art of Loci Anne Vetter,
Jordan Doswald,
Daniel Götz
The Art of Loci is a VR game that allows you to create mind palaces for memory training. Golden Lab (1.011)
The Deity Tobias Lenz,
Lea Kohl
In our project we gave the player the chance to taste a sliver of godly power by making him the Deity over a small island tribe. Golden Lab (1.011)

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GameLab 2 - Game Engine Plugins

Title Students Description Room
Aerospace Pathfinding Nicolas Rapp, Stephan Wetzel Aerospace Pathfinding is a plug-in for the Unity3D game engine, offering out-of-the-box pathfinding and collision avoidance for three-dimensional environments. E37
Easy Footprints Andreas Schmidt, Lukas Pohli Enhance your game with realistic, landscape deforming 3D footprints created by characters or vehicles. Easy to setup & highly customizable! Made for UnrealEngine. E37
Easy Groups David Schantz, Tobias Horn Easy Groups provides fast and simple configuration of collective movement behaviours of non-player characters (NPCs) in Unity3D. E37
Snap! Peter Ziegler Assemble your levels, connect assets and generate structures faster than ever in Unity3D, with Snap! E37
TreeGen Jonas Wolpold, Alexander Mück TreeGen is an in-editor plugin for Unreal Engine which allows the developer/designer to grow trees in accordance with environmental influences such as light and shade (agent-based growth). E37
Unity3D UML Samuel Truman, Katharina Haunert Unity3D UML is a UML editor neatly integrated with Unity3D to allow accessible and productive model-driven software development; Its features include UML generation from scripts, UML integration of the Entity-Component-System model, and import/export of UML diagrams as XML files. E37
Wild Side of Life Annika Fabicius, Michael Kreuzer Wild Side of Life is a plugin for Unreal Engine that provides a framework for creating a companion AI that can learn optimal behaviour based on environmental and player-triggered rewards. E37

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