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Created by
Joshua O'Donnell, Tilman Hascher

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This Project is a customizable level editor for 3D-platformers with 2D-physics. Its purpose is to serve as a level creator for developers to add to their game for their players. By doing so, they also retain the freedom to customize many aspects of the editor such as the UI layout and appearance, as well as certain technical functions with camera options, or the ability to add their own platforms and playable character. It is also important to note that this project was made in collaboration with the projects “Procedural Platformer” and “Wire Generator”, which will both enhance the experience provided by our plugin.

In the editor, a player will be able to create the level of their dreams from scratch, by placing and modifying platforms such as moving objects and static objects provided by the editor, or further platforms added by the respective developers. After having created their masterpiece, the editor allows the players to playtest their own levels, before saving it for further use or modifications.

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