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It won’t happen again

Games Engineering
Created by
Julius-Maximilians-University GE students: Maximilian Rall, Marie Schramm, Daniel Gottschalk THWS students: Evgenia Vildenberg, Lucija Durinovic, Natalie Kalla


‘It won’t happen again’ is a 3D first person, story-focused game, created within the elective course ‘Interactive Stories & Playable Narratives’. It addresses the topic of domestic violence, including the often overlooked symptoms and shocking depictions in the form of live-action movie cutscenes.

Trying to escape her abusive relationship, Emilia has to relive the same evening over and over again, each time ending with her own death. To escape, she has to face her past memories and change her fate by repositioning the objects causing her death.

Will you be able to help her escape the dreadful loops?

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