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VR Photo Processing - Stitching of two Fisheye Images into VR360

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Hongda Lyu

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With modern mono VR360-cameras, images can be captured with a single camera shot covering the full sphere with 360x180 degrees around the camera (VR360). Internally, these cameras consist of two fish eye lenses with each about 190° degrees field of view and two image sensors. For a seamless view of such content, the two images need to be stitched together. But traditionally, users have to transfer images from the camera to a PC and run a stitching software there. Then the images can be uploaded to a VR headset to view. With our program running directly on a standalone VR device, users can skip the first step and only need to copy the fish eye images directly from the camera to the VR headset, which does the stitching work there. With this approach, the process has been streamlined, enhancing the immersive photography experience.

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