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Architekton builder

GE GameLab II
Created by
Enis Zitzelsperger, Wenzel Hünting

Poster and Trailer


Architekton Builder is an Unity plugin for generating Kazimir Malevich’s Architektons. These are skyscraper-like structures which resemble sci-fi-looking cities. The aim is to capture the vision of the artist and with the help of our plugin to try to recreate the basic spirit. On the one hand we want to familiarize with the works of Malevich and on the other to provide researchers this tool. Naturally, you can also use Architekton Builder to create assets for games and so on.

Using user-defined parameters (length, size, height, level of elements, e.g.) our procedural algorithm creates architekton-like constructs. Those can then be modified further, for instance by adding or removing elements. It is also possible to save the resulting objects for later use.

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