Games Engineering Programs

Light Night

GE GameLab I
Created by
Tobias Buhl, Franziska Bönisch

Poster and Trailer


Light Night is a mix of puzzle and exploration game. You find yourself trapped in a marsh area, immersed in almost complete darkness - in a world where nothing can exist without light. Only objects which are sufficiently illuminated can be interacted with. This not only uniquely enhances the dark atmosphere of the swamp, but also is the basis for a lot of thrilling riddles. 

However don’t lose hope: There are multicoloured magical light orbs distributed around the rotten planks in each level. Cleverly use these to escape the situation.  Every step has to be thought through carefully. Otherwise, you will end up impaled by sharp spikes, devoured by a terrifying spider or, even worse, lose your light and be doomed within the everlasting darkness. Will you find a way out or sink in this scary swamp?

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