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Relax Handpan

GE GameLab I
Created by
Johannes Sebastian Troll

Poster and Trailer


Do you know the effect of the soothing sounds of a handpan? With the app, Relax Handpan, you get the unique opportunity to playfully experience how meditative atmospheric sounds of a handpan in conjunction with the focus on the ball controlled by gentle hand movements it succeeds in deep relaxation. At the same time, your ability to concentrate is enhanced and you can feel an inner peace. 

A great app with Relax - and Memo Play - Mode whose goal is to decelerate and relax people worldwide, to the point that even Parkinson’s patients could experience a relief. The app is recommended using the gyro sensor and 3D sound with headphones. Currently only available for Iphone 13 Pro Max, other devices in preparation. 

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