Games Engineering Programs


GE GameLab I
Created by
Veronika Strümper, Anton Hertel

Poster and Trailer


Your mansion has been invaded by creatures from another world, fight your way from the bottom to the top to banish these monsters from your home!

A rogue-lite, dungeon crawler, in 2D (pixelart style) from a top-down perspective. Sounds like every other indie game out there. But we thought about how to make it even more fun and combined the dungeon crawler aspect with a character creator! The result was our game Summonings. The typical struggle of your everyday character creator doesn’t exist anymore: How do I spend my skill points so I don’t mess up my character? What stat should I focus on? You don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Instead of directly choosing what kind of stats you want to level up, you have to choose between different materials (e.g. a ‘snail shell’ or an ‘ember’) which grant certain stat boosts, depending on the material used. So players can combine different materials and figure out for themselves which stats to min-max.

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