Games Engineering Programs

VR Stereo Photograph Viewer

GE GameLab II
Created by
Alina Deuerling, David Bergmann

Poster and Trailer


Our GameLab II project is a stereophotograph-viewer for VR. This programm allows the user to view strereophotographs with their intended 3D effect. Additionally you can open up multiple photos at once for easy comparisons, move and scale them to your liking and then save your projects once you’re done.

The idea behind the programm is to make working with stereophotographs easier and more streamlined. During research multiple fotos are often compared which can be quite a hassle when working with multiple physical copys of photos. The VR Stereophotograph Viewer allows the user to do this easily using a VR Headset instead of placing a physical copy on a stereoscope and changing it whenever the user wants to view a different Image.

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