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iLAST: Immersive Knee Rehabilitation - A New Prototype

HCI Project
Created by
Matthias Wolff


Immersive rehabilitation is a relatively new field of research. With this HCI-Project I am building a prototype, that can be used by researchers, patients and physiotherapists to enhance the rehabilitation process actively. Researchers can use it to do further studies, physiotherapists are partly relieved and the patients motivation is aimed to be increased over time.The prototype is a VR-application  including a real-time tracking-system which offers to choose between different environments, avatars and exercises. Project partners are the handball club Rimparer Wölfe, the orthopedic clinic König-Ludwig-Haus and the chair for orthopedics, and PREDIA Sport- und Gesundheitszentrum.

The prototype is focused on rehabilitation after knee injuries like the rupture of the anterior crutiate ligament, but offers the oppurtunity to enhance other exercices as well.

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