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Improving Usability of Handheld Social XR: Implementing Teleportation and System Notifications

Mensch-Computer-Systeme / Human-Computer Interaction
Created by
Niclas Wagner


This work is part of the HiAvA project of the Human-Computer Interaction group.

Part of the project is to explore the use of handheld devices in social XR applications and how the design for handheld XR can be improved.

A previous study compared the HCI handheld social XR application with commercial ones.

Based on the problems identified in the study, we are trying to improve the usability of the application by fixing bugs, implementing teleportation as an additional form of locomotion in 3D space, and adding a notification system based on sound notifications.

Afterward, we conduct the same study again to evaluate whether our implementations improved the usability of our handheld social XR application.

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