Games Engineering Bachelor Program
Bayreuth Games Accelerator
Three-week accelerator program for games teams from all over Germany.
XR Adapter for Unity’s UI Toolkit
Bernward Weigand has developed an XR Adapter for Unity’s UI Toolkit. It is publicly available on GitHub.
Franken Game Jam
How much time do you need to make a game? Try it out and join the Franken Game Jam to create a game in only 48 hours!
Game Tech Summit
What is happening in the world of game development? If you want a glimpse of what research is currently being done, check out the proceedings of the CoR Game Tech Summit.
Live Presentation about Games Engineering
Come to our live presentation on the Games Engineering study program of the University Würzburg on 02.11.21 14:00.
"Highlights der Physik" currently in Würzburg
Not sure what to do on the weekend? Currently, the "Highlights der Physik" are taking place in Würzburg until October 2nd. There you can have a look at many projects such as "femtoPro".
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Im Rahmen des Studiengangs Games Engineering der Universität Würzburg bestehen Kolloborationen mit folgenden Industriepartnern zur Abstimmung praktischer Ausbildungsanteile, zur Forschungskollaboration und für Praktika für Studierende.
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