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The Time Machine: Navigating Historic and Future Data Spaces

Games Engineering
Created by
Robert Mark, Franziska Bönisch

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At this present time, the environment is affected by radical changes which are leading to a rapid loss of biodiversity. Many people are unaware of the far-reaching effects of these cataclysmic developments. To counteract this serious problem our project can be seen as an effective solution to visualize the impacts on the environment in an easy and above all understandable way. Consequently this depiction of land use data is used to communicate with the general public. Moreover it allows someone with prior knowledge to interactively explore this timeline of change.

We convert GeoTiff files into 2D maps and 3D terrains. By means of a timeline it is possible to navigate between the data of different years. Furthermore, a legend serves to illustrate the respective land use. In addition, there is an import function for the GeoTiff files as well as the possibility to export the JPG files. So we provide an application that offers the oppurtinity to discover the change of our environment over the years!

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