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Virtual Quiz Planet

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Created by
Anton Hertel

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Why do we need a virtual reality quiz game? Quiz games are designed to challenge players on their knowledge of various categories, sometimes even covering bizarre topics. While the practical application of the knowledge gained through these questionnaires may be debatable, it remains a valuable acquisition. Moreover, it’s not solely about the specific knowledge obtained, but rather the process of learning itself. The ability to learn from such quizzes opens up a world of possibilities, particularly in educational settings such as schools and universities.

This is where virtual reality comes into play. Hands-on learning has been proven to be more effective than traditional lectures. In comparison to everyday 2-dimensional input devices, VR offers users a significantly greater degree of freedom in expressing themselves. With this in mind, I developed Virtual Quiz Planet, a real-time quiz game that pits players against each other. Utilize your own API to supply the game with questions, or use the built in one. And without much hassle, enjoy the freedom and immersion of virtual reality.

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