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Feed Cats! Catch Rats!

Games Engineering
Created by
Hongda Lyu

Poster and Trailer


“Feed Cats! Catch Rats” is a 2D puzzle game with a pixel art style featuring adorable characters such as cats, rats, and cans. The objective of the game is to collect cans, feed the cats with the cans, and then guide the cats to catch the rats. Once all the cats are fed and all the rats are caught, the player can progress to the next level. There are two limitations that can lead to failure: firstly, the numbers on the player’s path indicate the maximum number of times they can step on that particular tile, and secondly, before collecting any cats, the rats may rob the cans on the player, leaving the player with insufficient cans to feed all the cats. The game’s controls are simple, utilizing the WASD keys, but players must carefully plan a viable path as they face challenging puzzles. Enjoy it!

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